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It’s been almost 8 years that I’ve been working with nails. Before that, and with a slight overlap, I was a special education teacher for 15 years, helping severely handicapped children suffering from Rett syndrome. Even there, I was very eager to implement innovations and initial steps, as there is an important line that has been with me all throughout my life:

“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail”

–Ralph Waldo Emerson


I took that piece of advice, even though I was facing many problems as a beginner, both in sculpting and in decorating. I was fighting against lifting and against time, but gradually I was able to work my way up to be ranked with the popular nail artists. During this period, I learned to be modest, patient and persistent and to always keep improving myself.

I invented my little 3D flowers, and made jewelry decorated with these flowers even when I was still a beginner. Actually, I decorated pretty much everything that “came my way”, from cell phones to ballpoint pens.

In 2009, I learned the basics of painting with acrylics, and soon I came up with a little simplified butterfly that anybody could duplicate easily. Throughout the years, I originated many things, such as Stiletto Pendants, double-petal 3D Flowers, my 3D Gel Flowers, Shell Islands (fingernail jewelry made with shell plates), gel-acrylic-gel technique (as the beautiful and colorful shell plates also sparked the imagination of those working with gels). For a long time, 3D Flowers built into artificial nails were a trademark of mine, and later, stiletto nails with built in shell plates.

Along with all this, another very unique shape emerged from among my hands, almost all by itself – KKSP (Krisztina Kalmár Stiletto Pipe). In essence, I combined two different shapes that were popular at the time – pipe and stiletto. In Hungary in 2010 there were only a few nail shapes that were know to us: square, pipe, almond, stiletto. “Edge” (the nail shape created by Valentina Denisenko) had just freshly taken the country by storm.

KKSP incorporates the best features of all the various nail shapes: the slenderness of stiletto, the curved profile of pipe, the straightness of Edge (and thus its amazing http://healthsavy.com/product/xanax/ thinness and longevity). It is important that it will look its nicest, if it is at least the length of a shorter form (i.e. if the overall length of the nail is at least 3-3.5 cm).

I didn’t name it: it was named by an instructor well-known and recognized in Hungary – Erzsók Molnár – who asked me to introduce my new nail shape at one of their events. After my presentation she suggested that we name the new nail shape right there, in front of the audience. After listing out the characteristics of the nail, she named it Krisztina Kalmár Stiletto Pipe (KKSP). So I’d like to thank you Erzsók, right here, for this wonderful name.

Within weeks, this shape became the favorite of my guests and my friends, as not only is it kid and nylons-friendly, but also slender and easy to decorate nicely, and it will make any lady’s hands beautiful and feminine.

One morning in 2012 Powder Aquarelle was born: painting with acrylic powders. With this, a spectacular as well as thin decorating technique was added to our repertoire. In that same year, my line of jewelry made using acrylic products had some new additions: the tiny frog and the turtle. These became a popular course very soon after. Then in the summer of 2013 my angels let me in on a super-easy way to create 3-dimensional flowers and roses that stick out, and also my acrylic butterfly was born, drawing a huge following.

It’s been a long time since then, and today I can hold my own in just about any technique there is. It took a lot of practice and learning to arrive at this point. I even got to like gel painting, and I created a new style that is similar to traditional folk painting, called “Folk Art”. I try and always keep things new and fresh, and I strive to become a teacher that students will always fondly remember, since one will reach immortality through continued existence in the knowledge handed down to others.

What I wish for you, my dear readers, is that you never give up, you practice a lot, and that you always regard work and other people with modesty and respect. This is the key to success!

Krisztina Kalmár