01. Aquarell-AdvancedAquarell course (water painting course)

Beginner and advanced level

Brand new art technique, high level course where you will learn how to deal with colours and brushes.

A brand new course to wow your clients.

Course duration : 2 days





On the first day you will learn and practice the basic movements.

On the second day you will learn advanced patterns.

What you will need?
A good quality 0 or 00 brush
A synthetic brush size no 2

02. 3d acrylic beginner course3d acrylic beginner course

3d special art for those who want to bring life to their nails.

Course content:

Use of colours, colour combination
Mix ratio practice
Brush and acrylic
Colour fading
Simple flowers
Simple leaves
Fruit and ladybird
Foil, shell and other nail art


03.3d-acrylic-–-advanced-course-level-23d acrylic – advanced course level 2

Course content;

Double patterned flowers
Double, triple layered flowers
Butterfly wings, bugs
Very light flowers
Flowers created on the nail foil




043d acrylic – advanced course – level 3

This course is every nail technicians big favourite because you will learn how

to create these amazing flowers in a very easy way to WOW everybody.

You can do amazing and very unique jewellery and gifts with this technique as well.

Course content:

Absolute 3d roses, lilies and other flowers in nail forms, foils and nails




05. Flower-One-Stroke_longOne stroke (one move) painting course

Very quick and very beautiful flowers can be painted with this technique.

All you need is a flat brush and some paint.

After blending the colours together you are ready to paint amazing flowers on the nail.






06. Color_powder_advert_groß_LondonPowder aquarell – advanced course

During this course you will learn how to paint with your colour acrylics.

Due to the high pigmentation in NA acrylics, this will produce fantastic results.

During this course you will do different patterns on white tips.

It is advisable to bring along a white acrylic based pendant to dee this technique as a composition on jewellery.





07. Folk-Art_longFolk Art course

This is a brand new technique, a mixture of Zhostovo, one move (one stroke)

and any other freehand painting technique.


Advanced level not suitable for beginners.






Jewellery making course

Making jewellery with nail products
Purchase products and tools
Jewellery with shell
Ring making
Butterfly wing styled earrings







Jewellery making – advanced level

Course content:

Tortoise style ring
Frog style ring with different techniques
Dress up a champagne glass with 3d acrylic flowers and stones
Use of feather and other stuff as nail art
One move painting
Painting material
Powder aquarell



10. Color_powder_advert_Ireland

Mixed media course

You will learn lots of different techniques that makes your nails amazing and unique.

During this course you will learn about
Freehand painting with orgasmic acrylic paints
3d acrylic flowers
Gel-acrylic-gel technique
Simple one move flowers
Freehand painting from the beginning

The duration of this course is 2 days because you will do at least 15-18 different tips. If you come for only one day you will learn only half of it.

What you will need:
All your builder brushes
Nail art brushes (acrylic, gel, aquarell )
White stiletto tips

Structure courses

01. Acrylic BeginnerAcrylic beginner course

Duration: Minimum 1 day but preferable 2 days.

Contains the following:

Perfect nail preparation
Use of e- file
Practice of the perfect nail bed extension
Perfect smile line with filing
Create the free edge with white acrylic
Square, soft square and almond shape
Correct filing technique



02. Special ShapesSpecial shapes

Advanced course, preferable 2 days

Contains the following:

Square and soft square shape
Russian Almond
KKSP ( only to show)



03. Pro SitlettoProfessional Stiletto

Advanced course
Duration: 1 day

Course content:

Correct use of form
Correct nail bed extension
Create correct free edge
Different techniques for free edge
Build in nail art, shell etc.



04. KKSPKKSP – KKSP long

Advanced level
Duration: 1 day

Very comfortable, pinched nail. Its name is Krisztina Kalmar Stiletto – Pipe.
The origin of the name comes from its pinched shape.

Length: a complete nail form or longer

The nail is straight and skinny because the nail form was set in  a slightly up position.




05.-SaloonSalon techniques

Duration: 2 days

Course content:

Use of e- file
Correct nail preparation
Natural nail overlay with gel and acrylic
Gel-acrylic-gel technique
Nail bed extension with gel and acrylic
Caviar manicure
Gel polish
Correct form application

…. and
Economic use of products
Correct filing
Square and almond shape sculpture.

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