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About Pierre Pachl

My name is Pierre Pachl.

Iam a retoucher and Visual FX editor.
To me, I have more or less taken over several detours my hobby into a profession.

I work as a media designer for digital and print media
rather to my area on the photograph (scondary) and image processing (primary) has set.

My Equip is not the greatest but I can live with it
i can I hold in my hands a Nikon D90 and a Wacom pen tablet.

What you should be interested as a reader of my profile:
"I'm not into Pure Photography" my hobby and profession, it is to change things, so I change my pictures also to what I imagine.

I would like to show my pictures how i think over it.

So therefore i hope you will enjoy them.
With this setting, I'll have a few people that do not like my work and criticize, but that is not my bread.


Pierre Pachl