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About Fleur Hartmann

About Fleur Hartmann

My name is Fleur Hartmann,

I’m the owner of Lafleurnails Studio & Académie.

I have a education in hotel business before I do nails. My start as a Certified naildesigner since 2008, my dream was, learning from the best Naildesigners around the world – Then you are successful !

2011 I’m start as a trainer for beginner in Gel-System. 2012 was my first competition in Germany, 2014 reached the 2nd place in Pink/White Acrylic system by small championship and 2015 the 3rd place for German Nail Award-national. I work with both systems in the studio and also give training courses in Germany in nail design for perfection and forms.

I create in trade journals, NailPro, ProfNail – Instructions and show nails.

My big love – my job – my studio – NAIL in Perfection and NAILARTS.

Lafleurnails Fleur Hartmann

August-Baudert-Platz 2
99423 Weimar

Email: fleur.hartmann@web.de
Phone: +49 172 3646009