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About Barbara Buttigieg

About Barbara Buttigieg
In 1981 I was working in a tanning salon in Prince George B.C. when one day my boss came in and said that I was going down to Vancouver to learn how to do sculptured nails .

At that time I had no idea what she was talking about but I was open and interested in the idea.

I was always able to grow my own nails long and always polished them so nails in general were not foreign to me . I did the course and never regretted it to this day and was the best decision I ever made.

I worked as a nail technician in Prince George in various salons until November of 1996 when I moved to Malta to get married.

When I came to Malta I was the first nail technician here and immediately became very busy. While working over the years I also had two girls , Taylor and Elliotte.

Both of them have also become nail technicians and Elliotte is also a Beauty Therapist . I was lucky to come to Malta and work here because it gave me access to top masters in the industry.

Over the years I have taken courses with Antonio sacrepante and Harmony , but the one who really changed nails for me and that I have to be thankful to is Marco Bonvicini.

I met him in 2012 and learnt a lot from him both in private and group courses. 2013 I went with Marco to Hungary for the first Mba and Dr. Nails Campus and achieved the VIP Masters certificate.

2015 and 2016 I attended the Mba campus in Rome and maintained the VIP MASTERS level.

In 2016 I also sat for and attained the Pearl Nails masters certificate and have been teaching structure and nail art courses under Pearl Nails.

2017 I met by chance a fantastic nail artist, master and person, Krisztina kalmar who has taught me some amazing nail art techniques and designs.

She has also given me the opportunity to become a distributor for her brand KKSP For which I am extremely grateful.

My goals for the future are to expand the distribution of KKSP in Malta and to hopefully in the next couple of years set up a KKSP campus here on the island.

I would also like to become a judge for the competition circuit.

My dream is to also travel and teach And expand KKSP to other techs in other countries.

Barbara Buttigieg c/o

Joseph Spa
2 triq iz-Zahar RBT 2093
Rabat, Malta

Email: olddonis@maltanet.net & babuttigieg@gmail.com
Phone: +35679450618
Phone Landline: +35621455930