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About Alexa Faur

About Alexa Faur

My name is Alexa Faur,

I am a professional nail artist and trainer.

I strongly believe that things that initially begin as simple hobbies, tend to get the characteristics of a lifestyle. So, five years ago my passion for nails became the job that I practice every day with professionalism and enthusiasm. To be able to bestow true beauty to every woman is a divine gift. With much love, patience and devotion, I try to feel what my client wants. A special day begins with a smile, for me and my clients, after seeing that together we transform into reality the manicures that they desire and imagine.

I believe in the power of a professional manicure and I believe that the image I promote using games of colors, textures and tricks acquired over time and practiced to perfection, it is an extremely valuable mean of expression.

My goal as a nail artist is to achieve a flawless manicure from a technical standpoint which will compliment my client. To ensure this I am using professional products and techniques that I have learned through experience and countless training courses.

Salon Inspiration

Str. Dragoş Vodă nr 7
3000351 Timisoara

Email: alexandra_fratila13@yahoo.com
Phone: 0734696769