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  Hello, its me Krisztina Kalmár, how are you today ? Today i have some great infos for you. We had the last couple of weeks some really hard work, we have finished the KKSP – Product line and its still not ended cause we want to deliver hand made masterpieces! So we will have as well in the next couple of weeks month a huge change in our line.

Color Powder | 3D Powder

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Filer & Buffer

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Liquid – Monomer

Read more Medium speed, mild odor monomer. Works also for beginner and as well as professional nail technicians and competitions. System is designed to be used without any primer (but its possible to use with). Its guarantees the best adhesion to the natural nails. Its perfect for clients who have chronic liftings. FOR OPTIMAL RESULT USE WITH KKSP COLOR OR SCULPTING POWDERS! FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY. 200ml I would like to thank you very much at this point. Thank you for your confidence.   Your Diffusion Art Team