Changelog 1.0 – Diffusion-Art

New Design –  Changelog 1.0 Diffusion-Art in a brand new Design. Diffusion-Art got a new design, and some new features are added. Basic Changelog:
  • New Design for a better overview over the complete Homepage
  • Full supported Youtube Videos
  • All images can now be open in a LightBox
  • Full supported with Facebook (1 Click on a article (liked) second time click on the (like) Share the post on Facebook
  • Spam Protection
  • When user post a comment it must be one time proved, next post will be available without prove
  • You are now able to Subscripe our News directly over the Menü
  • We added now also a Icon to the Browser.
Mobiledevice Changelog:
  • Full supported Menü
  • Youtube Videos are now not oversized. (scales down, to your device)
  • Images scales down to your device
  • News are on the Top
Print Function Print_changelog You are now able to Print / Send over Mail or creat a PDF from the Course Description.   Upcoming Changes for Changelog 1.1
  • Shop
  • Digital Trainings
  • Mobilephone App
We hope you like the new Design, your Diffusion-Art Team