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United States It took us a long time to arrive at this step!

United States

Here we go again – back to that same topic that has been with us for quite a while! We have been discussing plans to organize a course with Krisztina Kalmár in the United States since last year (2013). And we have already asked you on Facebook for your thoughts and feedback. states  

Our Plans and Outlook for the Year 2014 / 2015

As many of you may know, we’ve decided to take a trip to the USA. As you already know, our plan is to teach a course in Los Angeles, San Diego or Las Vegas. And later on, probably in other countries too. As we’ve mentioned, we asked quite a few people before starting this discussion. And your feedback was just amazing! We have a lot of requests already for Los Angeles and San Diego. We are really proud to hear that! This is what makes us confident that we are indeed going to do a course there.  

Location / City

We are pretty sure about this: it will be in Los Angeles, San Diego or Las Vegas. Why these three areas? Because we just absolutely love them! But there are many cities and states in the US that one just must see.
We think the main thing is, to have someone there that can help us… (A place to teach at, a place to stay and a little bit of organizing.) We more or less will be going where we can be sure that we will have support and that we will not be left on our own.

Los Angeles


San Diego


Las Vegas


Choosing the City/Area

We are at the point where we’ll be going where the most people are interested. We are going to choose one of them once we know for sure that we have enough people in the area selected. And we think that those that can travel to LA, can also travel to San Diego – these two cities are very close. Las Vegas is a different story, but we think we’ll find a way to handle that.
The most important thing is to have some help available to us in one of these cities in handling the challenges so we can stay focused.

What Will You Learn in the US and How Long Will it Take

Well, you will be falling in love with acrylic!
Here we’ll be teaching:
  • 7 Different Kinds of Nail Designs
  • One Stroke Level 2
  • Aquarelle
  • Folk Art
  • Powder Aquarelle & 3D
  • KKSP (Krisztina Kalmár Stiletto Pipe) and Powder Aquarelle
You can find the full outline of the Course here: CLICK ME! After this Course, you should be able to create awesome designs and amazing 3D flowers, and you will fall in love with acrylic! We think that 3 days is not quite enough for all this, as it might be a little crammed, and some of you might not be able to do it all directly and so have time to fully understand how. We think a 5-day Course would be amazing, but 4 days should also be pretty much fine.  

Pricing & When Will the Course Begin ?

This is more or less up to you. Once we have enough people, we can start the planning and also figuring out the pricing for the Course. We can’t quite tell you how much it will cost yet, as there are quite a few things that will need to be factored into the price – such as hotel, air fare, a way for us to get around, whether we have a nail salon available, etc. So we don’t quite have the figures yet.  

Enough said, here is a little overview of what might await you there:


Free Video Tutorials That You Can See Here Right Now!

  Orgasmic Painting SpeedArt – Twilight KKSP Aquarelle Painting

Now It´s Your Turn !

Just send us an e-mail using our contact form. We are going to save the names and when we have enough of you together, then it will be our turn to send all of you the specifics. So if you want to be a part of the class “Fall In Love With Acrylic”, then start here!  
We are looking forward to your thoughts and feedback!
  Regards,   Pierre Pachl & Krisztina Kalmár