Iam really excited to be my first time in Paris. Iam really proud to see the City and the french Nail Designers ! What will i do in Paris excatly ? Well iam going to teach five different kind of techniques in Paris with the Organizer Subliminails Stéphanie Lericque   Flyer_

Who iam ? What is behind the Name Krisztina Kalmár ?

  My name is Krisztina Kalmar, previously i worked as a teacher, teaching children with special needs for 15 years. Although i loved my job as a teacher, my real passion was nails. One of my big dreams came true on 2006 when i qualified as a nail technician Unique and quality work was always important to me. I love acrylics and working with them. I try to give all my clients unique designs. It is a big inspiration to do nails for special occasions or outfits. I am the owner of Krisztina nails & Art Academy since 2008. During this couple of years more than 20 nail technicians qualified with a master degree in our academy. I love my job and i love teaching.     My philosophy is you need to learn everything during the lesson and practice and practice it later on. My aim is to teach those techniques that are easy to use in  everyday salon life. I am always trying to figure out something new, something unique. The colours and the products are great inspirations on me every day.   I have the following slots are occupied with other things in championships:
  •      II Nail Artists Championship Hungary, 2009 Nail Art 1st Place
  •      II Nail Artists Championship Hungary, 2009 Tip Box 3D 1st Place
  •      The golden hand of the world, Frankfurt, 2009 Nail Art 1st Place
  •      Nail Design Championship, Hungary 2008 Nail 3.Place

This you will learn on the course in Paris

  • One Stroke – Level 2
  • Aquarelle
  • Folk Art
  • Powder Aquarell and 3D

The full descriptions of my Courses and Photos you find here CLICK ME

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Video – Orgasmic Painting


Video – Speedart (Aquarell)

So far, Krisztina Kalmár