Camp – Romania

Hell yes iam really proud to tell you something
about my Camp in Romania.

It is awesome !

To know more , read the full bloq.

Well iam actually in Romania the actually place is Timi?oara.

There iam doing right now a Camp for 6 Days.


What do i do on that Camp ?

Iam playing with my brushes and try to find out when will the brushes broken, oh no, iam just kidding.



Well i teach there for 11 Nail-Designers. And as i can see they are AWESOME.
They catch every details really fast.

Timi?oara Location "Teaching Place"

Here i wanna share the place where iam actually.

That is in front of the teaching place, there are 2 Restaurants Daf Junior and some another one 🙂

The entrance looks awesome!



The Waterfall

I just love that Waterfall, the complete area looks really amazing.



Near to the Restaurant – Daf Junior

































Location by Night



Teaching Location




Group Teaching

Here i teach with the the complete group, to show them "How to work with the Brush" it was a funny moment.
We was alot smiling ! The best of all, after i showed them how to work with the brush and the nail, they did the explaining to the group.


Personal Training

It is for me important that every Girl understands how to work, while iam teaching. So if they need some help, i catch they hands and do with them a step by step, sometimes the client feels more free when they got it Step by Step. They get also a better feeling to hold the brush while they are working on they own Nail-Tip.



Tipps and Help

Solving problems or give some tips to the client.
Problems are there to solve them, alone or with me, but we found every times a solution 🙂



My thoughts about this course

This Course is a really amazing course, the ladys are able to understand all pretty fast.
They work like a dog 🙂 I must not say how long they are sometimes sitting on her table….
Nice atmospheric, alot of fun, nice themes…..

My last word about Romania – Timi?oara
I cant wait to see them again !
Thank you Marcela Barhoata, Adonis, Alexa and all of you Girls!!! I love you all!!

regards Krisztina Kalmár

PS. Feel free to ask me something if you want to know something. Or just leave a comment.

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