Camp – Romania

Hell yes iam really proud to tell you something about my Camp in Romania. It is awesome ! To know more , read the full bloq. Well iam actually in Romania the actually place is Timi?oara. There iam doing right now a Camp for 6 Days.  

What do i do on that Camp ?

Iam playing with my brushes and try to find out when will the brushes broken, oh no, iam just kidding. Camp_Summer_romania   Well i teach there for 11 Nail-Designers. And as i can see they are AWESOME. They catch every details really fast.

Timisoara Location “Teaching Place”

Here i wanna share the place where iam actually. That is in front of the teaching place, there are 2 Restaurants Daf Junior and some another one 🙂 The entrance looks awesome! romania_loc1  

The Waterfall

I just love that Waterfall, the complete area looks really amazing. location  

Near to the Restaurant – Daf Junior


Location by Night


Teaching Location


Group Teaching

Here i teach with the the complete group, to show them “How to work with the Brush” it was a funny moment. We was alot smiling ! The best of all, after i showed them how to work with the brush and the nail, they did the explaining to the group. group_romanian

Personal Training

It is for me important that every Girl understands how to work, while iam teaching. So if they need some help, i catch they hands and do with them a step by step, sometimes the client feels more free when they got it Step by Step. They get also a better feeling to hold the brush while they are working on they own Nail-Tip. _DSC0125  

Tipps and Help

Solving problems or give some tips to the client. Problems are there to solve them, alone or with me, but we found every times a solution 🙂 _DSC0028  

My thoughts about this course

This Course is a really amazing course, the ladys are able to understand all pretty fast. They work like a dog 🙂 I must not say how long they are sometimes sitting on her table…. Nice atmospheric, alot of fun, nice themes….. My last word about Romania – Timi?oara I cant wait to see them again ! Thank you Marcela Barhoata, Adonis, Alexa and all of you Girls!!! I love you all!! regards Krisztina Kalmár PS. Feel free to ask me something if you want to know something. Or just leave a comment.