Hey whats going on ? Today we would like to share with you our new Wallpaper. What the Futures brings and etc….. you can read in the following lines. Your DA leinwand_wallpaper1-1023x1024-1376570473   You was allready reading it…. today we wanna share our new Wallpaper of the Upcoming Videotraining Section. This Wallpaper you can download it here it have a screenresolution of 1920*1080, optimal for a screen. And this is not last ! We have a small giveaway for all those people who want to print our Wallpaper. Exclusiv you can download our Wallpaper here and now the best of that ? You can Print it ! Have it as a Poster or whatever you want !  

Videotraining ?

Yes you have heard it well 🙂 What kind of Videotraining will be come ? Our Plan is to creat a toons of trainings, for all those people who cant come and book me, for those people who cant speak the same language (Often a Image http://www.montauk-monster.com/pharmacy shows more then thousand words). Or for those people who cant get enouph 🙂 But mostly is it our plan to creat Videos in full lengh, uncut, with speaking and no boring music on the background.

What kind of training it will be ?

That we cant say at the moment but be sure , these trainings is for everyone. We will start in that trainings fresh and smooth and go deeper and deeper into the detailed sections. So for everyone will be a piece of cake in it 🙂

When do we go on the Start ?

Well that is a question, that we cant say it at the moment. Maybe tomorrow, maybe in a week, maybe in a month or two or three. We try to be fast as we can in our postproduction and recording materials. Wow, this was the first longest Newspost on Diffusion-Art.com If you have any questions, feel free to post us. regards Diffusion-Art